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  • ZX-ZYY01
  • ZX-ZYY01
  • ZX-ZYY01
  • ZX-ZYY01

    Patient Transfer Chair ZX-ZYY01

    The transfer chairs are the perfect products with modern design and special surface treatment of the stainless steel material.The advantages over other wheelchairs is the appealing look and space saving feature.

    Item NO.: ZX-ZYY01
    Seat width & depth: 45*46cm
    G.W: 25kg
    Weight capacity: 200kg
    Package: 200*71*109cm(5 sets)

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    • Simplicity and durability stainless frame

      The single piece steel is produced by a single piece bending process, not by welding process. The fully stainless steel construction gives the frame a longer service life along with easy clean property.

    • Safety brake Steel System

      The brake system provides a safe and stable usage. When the chair is not used, it can remain fixed by self-braking; the brake is released when the hand brake located just under the handle is pulled up.

    • Space saving by stackable design

      Thanks to its special design, they can be easily stored by nesting when they are not being used. When 10 wheelchairs are used, they require 63.7% less space when compared to 10 traditional wheelchairs.

    • Automatically folding upward footrest

      The plastic footrest section is foldable upward when idle and stacking. When you use it, you can put your feet on it to make you comfortable.

    • Durable flip up armrest

      The PU foam armrest can be flipped up when the users slip in and side, this is very convenient. And after you sit down, you put down the armrest to make safety and comfort.

    • 360˚ swivel small front caster

      This design of the front caster enhances maneuverability, so the transfer chair can easily move to anywhere. Since the wheels are rubber filled, you will not experience problems such as air blowing, flattening or blowing out.

    • The special design against stealing

      The transfer chair that you will use it comfortably on your premises cannot be stolen and put in the trunk of a car since it cannot be folded. You can be relieved about theft, constant maintenance and easy deforming.

    • Optional accessories

      You can choose the following accessories that are appropriate for you use:
      Seat belt and Coin return mechanism

    product size

    ZX-ZYY01 Seat width Seat depth Seat height Armrest height Back height
    Overall length 

    Overall height Front caster Rear wheel N.W G.W Weight capacity Package
    45 46 50 30 52 102 107 12 20 21 25 100 200*710*109

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