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  • ZX-SZD04


    This seat cane comes with anodized aluminum tubes is lightweight and durable. Soft nylon seat is comfortable.

    Item NO.: ZX-SZD04
    Height: 87cm
    Material: Aluminum
    Package: 20*18*88cm

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    • The aluminum tube

      The aluminum tubes are lightweight and never get rust. The sliver appearance makes the seat cane a luxury surface.

    • The folding design

      The folding design let the seat cane be folded to a minimal size. It’s convenient for carrying and storing.

    • The special quadripod construction

      The unique quadripod construction provides additional stability. Users can sit on the seat more securely wherever.

    • The soft nylon seat

      The soft nylon seat has high breathability which gives users more comfortable experience.

    • The polyurethane foam handle

      The handle is made of durable polyurethane foam handle. It’s easy to clean and it has high friction which adds security.

    • Anti-slip rubber tip

      Each of the legs has a tip that made of anti-slip rubber.

    product size

    Model Height
      Height Package N.W G.W PCS CN
    ZX-SZD04 87cm 20*18*88cm 0.88kg 9.8kg 10

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