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  • ZX-BZ01ZX-BZ02ZX-BZ03


    The aluminum adjustable forearm crutch is lightweight and durable. This is the best-selling model in the USA and South American. Because of the adjustable height, you can choose the right length for the handles.

    Item NO.: ZX-BZ01ZX-BZ02ZX-BZ03(From left to right)
    Material: Aluminum

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    • The U-shaped Elbow bracket

      The U-shaped elbow bracket is stable and durable. The design of bracket is ergonomic. Users could feel comfortable when they are walking.

    • The adjustable height

      Users can control the height by pressing the button. When the height is locked, you can hear the “clicking” sound. This design is to ensure the safety.

    • Anti-slip rubber foot-pads

      The strong rubber tips are skid proof. This design reduces the accident of slipping.

    • The aluminum frame

      The forearm crutch is mainly made of lightweight and sturdy extruded aluminum tube with anodized surface.

    product size

    Model Height
      Height Package N.W G.W PCS CN
    ZX-BZ01 94-119cm 100*30*30cm 0.56kg 12.2kg 20
    ZX-BZ02 95-115cm 95*29*31cm 0.42kg 9.4kg 20
    ZX-BZ03 63-84cm 62*24*30cm 0.42kg 9.4kg 20

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