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  • SYIV-100-C031
  • SYIV-100-C031
  • SYIV-100-C031

    Transport Wheelchair SYIV-100-C031

    This wheelchair is the newest aluminum style. It is durable and economy. Because of the backrest with inclining backrest, it will take more comfort for users. The aluminum frame looks so bright and you can fold it into your car in easy way.

    Item NO.: SYIV-100-C031
    Seat (Width* Depth): 46*39.5cm
    Seat Height: 48cm
    Weight capacity: 135kg
    Package: 84*28*76cm

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    • The aluminum frames with the latest style that makes the wheelchair lightweight and beauty. The newest material has much lighter weight that could be folded into a car. The users will take it easy.

    • The high backrest with inclining backrest that user can have a pleasure when you have a trip and want a rest. It has a very simple operation, if the users want to operate it, they only need to press the switch that wheelchair can be easily adjusted.

    • The front caster of this wheelchair could be adjusted. It can be suitable for different height of different users.


    • Soft seat cushion

      The soft seat cushion of this wheelchair is made of senior nylon fabrics and it makes the skin more breathable. Also, it has a good bearing capacity.

    • The smaller solid rear wheel

      The solid rear wheel is with smaller size that users would push it more easily, and it makes the smoother running easier.

    • With handle brake for companion

      In the process of running, if the users are in danger, another people could make a emergency brake that will provide more protection.

    • Fixed polyurethane foams armrest

      The fixed polyurethane foam armrest with advanced material frees the users’ hands.

    • Fixed leg support band

      The soft leg support band gives the users more comfortable feeling.

    • Aluminium footrest and black polyamides fender

      The footrest is made of aluminium with black spray that looks more advanced. The polyamides fender is strong that will protect the users who sits on the soft cushion seat.

    product size

    SYIV-100-C031 Seat width Seat depth Seat height Armrest height Back height Overall length 


    Overall width Overall height Folding width Front caster Rear wheel N.W G.W Weight capacity Package
    46 39.5 48 20 45 98 61 88 27.5 16 40 13 14.7 135 84*28*76

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