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  • SYIV-100-TH31
  • SYIV-100-TH31
  • SYIV-100-TH31

    Reclining Aluminum Wheelchair SYIV-100-TH31

    This is a model of high backrest multifunctional manual wheelchair which has spray aluminum frame. This wheelchair is high backrest with adjustable angle. The armrest has many functions and the wide safe belt protects the user better. Meanwhile it comes w

    Item NO.: SYIV-100-TH31
    Seat (Width* Depth): 46*42cm
    Seat Height: 49-51cm
    Weight capacity: 135kg
    Package: 90*36*98 cm

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    • High backrest with adjustable angle

      The reclined backrest helps long-term users to relieve buttock pressure. The users can adjust the backrest to have a comfortable posture. You can lie down when you feel tired.

    • Calf support adjustable in depth

      This wheelchair has calf support which is adjustable in depth. It’s made of leather and filled with sponge. Your shanks can have a sufficient relaxation.

    • Vertically adjustable armrest

      The armrest is made of polyurethane foam which is durable. It’s adjustable so that it reduces the incommodity of users in one posture for a long time.

    • Flip up armrest

      Pressing the front of the armrest, you can flip up it easily. It makes to transform the chair or bed easier.

    • Detachable armrest

      The armrest is not only can be flipped up but also detachable. Pulling out the bolt which is on the end of the armrest, then you can take it off.

    • Detachable leg support

      The detachable leg support greatly reduces the packing size. Users can move to wheelchair easily after taking off the leg support.

    • Particular design of handle for companion

      The particular design of back handle for companion looks sporty and it saves strength better. The left brake is for reclining the backrest and the right is to stop the wheelchair.

    • Wide safe belt

      The wide safe belt Increases the safety factor. It can protect the users better.

    • 20" pneumatic tire and black polyamides handrim

      The 20" pneumatic tire and black polyamides handrim are standard for manual wheelchairs and they are durable.

    product size

    SYIV-100-TH31 Seat width Seat depth Seat height Armrest height Back height Overall length 


    Overall width Overall height Folding width Front caster Rear wheel N.W G.W Weight capacity Package
    46 42 49-51 22-29.5 45 118 66 130 32 15 51 20 23 135 90*36*98

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