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  • ZX-CZ01


    This table has steel spray pipes. It can be folded and easy to store. The table panel is durable and never be decayed.

    Item NO.: ZX-CZ01
    Length: 58cm
    Width: 30cm

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    • Bolt for fixation

      There is a bolt to fix the legs. After adjusting the height of the table, you can tighten up the bolt. It adds more stability.

    • The spray steel pipes

      The steel pipes with spray surface make a strong construction. It’s never rust and you can use it for a long term.

    • High strength wood board

      The table panel is made of high strength wood. The special treatment on the surface makes it easy to clean. The blue color is delightful to make the users in a good mood.

    • The folding design

      The wheelchair table is foldable. The legs can be folded with an angle of 180°. It’s convenient to use and store.

    product size

    Model Length Width Height
      Length Width Height
    ZX-CZ01 58 30

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