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Our province "dawn action" wheelchair assistance project started

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This year more than 30000 wheelchairs benefit people with disabilities 2014 Henan Province "Dawn Action" wheelchair assistance project &"Anyang Charity Day" activity launch ceremony held in Anyang City on May 19th.

Vice Governor Yanling Wang attended the activity and announced the official launch.

Shijun Zhang who is the deputy director of Provincial 10th People's Congress Standing Committee and the Chairman of the Disabled and Impoverished Federation, and Quanzhi Wu who is the deputy director of Provincial 10th People's Congress Standing Committee and the honorary Chairman of the Disabled and Impoverished Federation, also attended the launching ceremony.

At present, the number of poor people with disabilities in the province has reached 200,000.The Provincial Disabled Persons' Federation, the Disabled and Impoverished Federation and the Henan Foundation for Disabled Persons jointly launched the "Dawn Action" Wheelchair Assistance Project in 2001.They planned to donate more than 180,000 wheelchairs for the whole province's impoverished disabled persons freely in 5 years. By the end of last year, about 125,000 wheelchairs were donated by "dawn action".

Anyang ZhongXin medical accumulated produced 80,000 wheelchairs to the "Dawn Action" wheelchair assistance project. General Manager Xueming Yang and Deputy General Manager Tianfu Zhang took part in the activity, Mr.Yang said," ZhongXin medical is a long history of wheelchair enterprises in Anyang. Promoting the development of undertakings for disabled persons is the bounden duty of our enterprise, the theme of the activity "to help the poor" is closely linked with the company's culture, we will service for the disabled friends in the "sunshine, help, care, dedication," spirit, we will often participate in such activities to make a contribution for the province and the country's cause of disability".

At this activity, the Disabled and Impoverished Federation gave out 27,000 wheelchairs plaque to the representative who came from 18 municipalities in the province. Relevant department official said, the donation of the wheelchair from the world wheelchair foundation and other organization would in place in the next half year. The number of donated wheelchairs will be more than 30,000 throughout the year.

We have learned, the national people's congress of the people's republic of Anyang sets up "Anyang Charity Day" on May 19th in every it is the second "Anyang Charity Day" in this year.

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