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Equipment show

Up to now, we have professional technical personnel, and we have the whole assembly line, plating and aluminum oxide processing from the beginning of steel, aluminum into the factory, cutting, stamping, bending, welding, shot blasting, spraying, assembly and testing. We have advanced robot welding technology, complete inspection equipment and professional production.

  • Welding robot

    This machine is testing corrosion resistance of the products. Taking 5L pure water and distilled water, and we add 250g sodium chloride. The finished products will be put in the machine within a certain time.

  • Salt Spray Tester

    The welding robot is engaged in the welding industry. It can stabilize and improve the quality of the welding. It increases in labor productivity, and it reduces the demand of the workers in the operating technology.

  • Double-column universal
    material Testing Machine

    This machine is mainly to test the tensile, bending and compression of raw material, such as steel tube, footrest, front caster, safety belt, etc.

  • Wheelchair Combined
    Testing Machine

    This machine is testing the finished wheelchairs, including armrest, footrest and other related structure component. The experimenters wanted to see comprehensive strength and bearing capacity of the wheelchair's armrest and footrest.

  • Shot blasting machine

    The shot blasting machine can be used to remove burrs, diaphragm and rust. It also can target a part of the spaying to remove contaminants on the surface, and it can increase the adhesion of spraying on the surface contour.

  • Double roller anti-fatigue
    testing machine

    The double roller anti-fatigue testing machine is testing the wheelchair’s fatigue experiments on the road. After putting the wheelchair on the machine, and adjust the speed of the conveyer belt. After several hours of continuous testing,we can see the damage of the wheelchair.

  • Impact strength tester

    The impact strength tester is making the impact toughness test of various materials. It has the hammer and pendulum two forms. Hanging up something with a certain quality to a certain height, and release it to hit the testing product. We can see the breakage condition of the testing product.